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There is a door inside my head,

it’s locked, they said.

Chained and padlocked,

never to be opened, blocked.

But lately, I’ve passed by,

I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s nothing,

but I can hear a clawing,

scratching, moaning.

I’m wondering,

is it rats or something forming?

I will ask them soon:

What’s in that room?

Is it bad, evil, scary?

It’s not that I’m weary,

I just want to know:

Where will this story go?

Will I be ripped apart?

Or devoured by my art?

I will ask soon.

'Til then

I will keep listening to my locked room.

Leigh Haddington is the author of Kings of Hell, his dark fiction debut, and is constantly working on his dark poetry. He grew up on a diet of eighties video horror, heavy metal music, horror, and sci-fi books, all of which inform his unique take on the genres. It was a life-long love of comics, superhero movies, and an obsession with serial killers that drives his writing to end up in the weird and dark places that it does.

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